S2 - Episode 6 Resource Guide

The Bunkie
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  • Main contractor / project management
  • Bunkie build, delivery and installation
  • Cedar barrel hot tub
  • Western red cedar for deck
  • Building supplies / Bunkie siding supplier
  • Siding supplier
  • Dining room sunroom screen door manufacturers
  • Dining room sunroom screen door installation
  • Electrical contactors
  • Stone sink in Bunkie shower room
  • Black faucets / shower mechanism
  • White subway tile in shower
  • Toilet supplier
  • Shower glass
  • C&J rugs, wool blankets, wire baskets, woven basket, wire wall caddy
  • Mattresses, pillows, bed linen, sheep skins, towel rack, red towels, bath mat
  • Reclaimed door as table top
  • Bunk room black aluminium blinds
  • Baseboard heaters
  • Barbecue grill
  • Ceiling light fixture / bedside lamps
  • Construction refuse disposal
  • Power tools supplier

About the Show

From the big city to the great white north, Scottish design duo Colin and Justin are taking the plunge into cottage ownership. Cabin Pressure follows the boys as they find their perfect rustic escape and then undertake its complete overhaul.... Read More

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