S2 - Episode 8 Resource Guide

Get it! Item
  • Main contractor / project management
  • Sunroom design / construction
  • Sunroom screen design and manufacture
  • Sunroom screen and door installation
  • Electrical contractors
  • Planning & drawing assistance / building supplies / sunroom siding supplier
  • Paint supplies
  • Timber frame painting
  • Granite flagstone supplier
  • Wood weave sofa and seagrass chairs
  • Horn sculpture, antler hooks, grape vine branches, tree slice hairpin tables, baskets
  • Black candle lanterns, small side table, potted plant and floor rug
  • Frame for C&J DIY console table, decor items - skis and ski poles
  • Table lamp, tubular wall sconces, overhead fan
  • Power tools supplier

About the Show

From the big city to the great white north, Scottish design duo Colin and Justin are taking the plunge into cottage ownership. Cabin Pressure follows the boys as they find their perfect rustic escape and then undertake its complete overhaul.... Read More

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