• Colin & Justin's Shower Room

S1 - Episode 9 Resource Guide

Colin & Justin's Bathroom
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  • Studio Concealed Trapway Toilet
  • Percy Wall Tub Spout
  • Percy Wall Mounted Vessel Faucet with Lever Handles
  • Percy Pressure Balanced Tub/Shower Trim with Level Handle
  • Shower 3x6” white ceramic tile glossy 0306030
  • 2 long walls plus floor Concrete planking tile, Compact Gris. 3085001
  • Shower floor -2”x 2” Beton Series 22PT003
  • Mapei 19+ pearl grey tile grout for the entire room
  • Custom glass shower partition installed by our great friend Rodney Hale
  • Custom floating concrete trough sink and floating shelf by William Hicks of Dare 2B Different
  • Amazing horsehair vases from northern extraordinaire artist
  • LPC energy efficient heaters with CONNEX controls
  • Burly demolition men and disposal services
  • Dan the man, muskoka’s great contractor
  • Audio Visual Management and Security Solutions

About the Show

From the big city to the great white north, Scottish design duo Colin and Justin are taking the plunge into cottage ownership. Cabin Pressure follows the boys as they find their perfect rustic escape and then undertake its complete overhaul.... Read More

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