S2 EP 1 – Real – Ugly - Estate

Oh dear.  We’re at it again. Last season we shared the risk of first time cottage ownership with friends… but this time around we’re biting the bullet and going it alone.  But, after seeing over 40 cottages, will we EVER find the right one?  And, if we do, will our reno’ plans actually come good?  Prepare for the lid to pop… ‘cos the (Cabin) Pressure is back on!

S2 EP 2 – All Jacked Up

Straight?  Hmm: we’ll be the judges of that.  Aye, our cottage is on the tilt.  It’s little more than a crooked cabin, a 'slanty shanty', if you will.  To fix this listing problem, the house needs to be jacked off the ground, but the costs may well prove problematic. 

S2 EP 3 - Façade Applaud

We’re sure you’ll agree there’s no point making it all gorgeous inside… until the exterior has been properly repaired.  Holy McMoly: it's time to replace the entire façade around the problematic cottage.  And, to kick things off, that means new siding… and an entirely new set of windows and doors. 

S2 EP 4 - Fit the Deck

We LOVE a big deck - and the space it provides to enjoy the great outdoors.  Our plan is to have the deck wrap around the entire cottage.  But will our beautiful BC Red Cedar arrive in time? Will our contractor Randy be able to finish on budget?  Will we EVER have the deck of our dreams?  Guess only time will tell…

S2 EP5 - A Guest’s Night Sleep

Tired of sleeping for weeks in a nearby hotel as our massive project protracts, we are desperate to finish our first bedroom and move into the cottage.  Short on clothes washing facilities, we make a beeline for the local Laundromat.  Trolley dash?  Let’s just say we give a couple of locals the run around.  But hey: it’s all ‘wheely’ clean fun! 

S2 EP6 - Funkie Bunkie

It's 'uptown bunk you up' as we design the perfect four bunk bedded guest suite in association with Canada Builds.  It’s SOOOOOO cute!  But getting it all down on paper is one thing.  Transporting the massive structure, cross Canada, on a flat bed truck and then down the dirt path track to our cabin is another thing altogether....

S2 EP7 - Game of Thrones

Awash with success?   Yay: it's bathroom renovation time!  But why does every project have to have so many hassles? One of us (Justin) wants a regular toilet while Colin wants to 'go green' with a composting toilet. It's a game of thrones with a chocolate drop ending.  You SOOO need to see this room come together!

S2 EP8 - Sunroom Showdown

First it’s hip hip hooray - here comes the sunroom!  But then it’s boooooooo – just look at the weather.  Aye, we have deal with the onset of snow.  Just what we need when showcasing a gorgeous Discovery Dream Homes (in association with Nortech and Sunspace) garden room.  Winter?  Be GONE!

S2 EP9 - Be Our Guest

We designed our second guest bedroom… only to find literally hundreds of dead mice as the build progressed.  YUK!!   And so: will it be sweet dreams… or one big woodsy nightmare for this ebony and red accented sleep zone?

S2 EP10 - To the Point

Say your prayers – ‘cos we’re going up those stairs!  It's time to renovate our master loft bedroom suite.  This episode is all about wood floors, woods ceilings and wood detailed furniture.  But WOULD Colin take Randy's side as battle breaks out?

S2 EP 11 - Dorm and Dormer

Before building our glamorous grey and wood detailed ensuite, we head off to enjoy the great outdoors of the Haliburton Highlands.   Sky high on rope ladders above the forest we start to dream.  But, as the episode rocks on, we become distracted by Mike, our new painter.  He sure knows how to operate a roller…

S2 EP12 - A Kitchen to Dine For

It's kitchen reno time - but don’t expect a country inspired fantasy.  This time round, we attempt to blend a modern esthetic into our developing cottage. In this regard, Ikea meets cottage country!  But first things first - we visit the Hairy Potter where we channel our inner Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze.  

S2 EP13 - Living the Vida Loca

It’s been a long journey.  And we’re nearly at our wits end.  We’ve battled wildlife, weather and exasperated builders.  Although our mahooooosive transformation is nearly complete – we have one last zone to create.  Our living / dining area.  Let’s just say the drama continues, starting from the stairs up.  We know that self-praise is no virtue… but, that said, we are SO proud of this comfy ‘Mid Century Modern’ detailed space.

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From the big city to the great white north, Scottish design duo Colin and Justin are taking the plunge into cottage ownership. Cabin Pressure follows the boys as they find their perfect rustic escape and then undertake its complete overhaul.... Read More

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