S3 EP1 - Own to Rent

Colin and Justin are at it again. Yet, this time they are looking to purchase an investment cottage to rent out!  As a business venture, the pressure is on

S3 EP2 - Jack…. and bill!

It’s time to jack up the cottage and create a livable downstairs space – perfect for renters. What’s not perfect is that the cost to do this is almost double!

S3 EP3 - What the Truck

New siding, roof, windows and deck – if that’s not enough to fill Colin and Justin’s plate….one of the boys decides to purchase a truck, which turns out to be a lemon.

S3 EP4 - Manscaping

The cottage foliage needs a Brazilian. With arborists and landscapers on hand, ‘manscaping’ has begun, ending with a relaxing outdoor spa.

S3 EP5 - Dueling Bedrooms

Contractor Randy has a great idea – why not have Colin and Justin each design their own bedroom to save time and money. May the best designer win!

S3 EP6 - DI Why?

In order to save money, Colin and Justin become their own plumbers, learning how to install their own toilet! The construction crew is not amused.

S3 EP7 - Keep them Guesting?

It’s time to create a beautiful master guest suite – complete with ensuite. But with water and electrical issues, the costs are anything but relaxing.

S3 EP8 - You are the Sunroom of My Life

Colin and Justin want a sunroom to increase the amount of space for their guests. However, with footings miscalculated and issues with beams and windows there are no sunny days here!

S3 EP9 - It’s All About the Basement – No Trouble

Colin and Justin start are putting a bathroom and laundry in the basement. Will Justin get his way with a coin-operated washer and dryer?

S3 EP10 - A Guest Down Under

To accommodate more renters, Colin and Justin and putting a bedroom and living space downstairs. To save money….DIY projects are the answer!

S3 EP11 - Take the Log Way Home

Inspired by the country, Colin and Justin look to design a log-cabin feel Bunkie.

S3 EP12 - Life is a Banquette

It’s time to design a kitchen that can accommodate 12 renters. With a custom built banquette, the boys create a kitchen to ‘dine’ for!

S3 EP13 - Living Room on a Prayer

Colin and Justin design a living room perfect for renters, however, their fireplace hearth may not make it into the cottage!

About the Show

From the big city to the great white north, Scottish design duo Colin and Justin are taking the plunge into cottage ownership. Cabin Pressure follows the boys as they find their perfect rustic escape and then undertake its complete overhaul.... Read More

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